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For anyone travelling between Toronto and New York, I whole-heartedly endorse Greyhound’s new Neon Express service. I have to admit I barely even noticed the ‘express’ modifier, since that term rarely seems to apply to inter-city buses. But it’s actually express – there is a single rest stop, the mandatory customs stop, and nothing else. […]

Start Finish Mode Distance (km) Cost ($) Edmonton Vancouver Train 1153 209 Vancouver Seattle Bus 230 43 Seattle Portland Train 279 36 Portland Salem Bus 74 11 Salem Sacramento Train 718 59 Sacramento Richmond Train 50 19 Emeryville Merced Train 197 29 Merced Yosemite Bus 103 24 Yosemite Merced Bus 103 24 Merced Bakersfield Train […]

This is the question I asked a month ago, and the interweb had no answer. Let now this knowledge be added to our collective memory:   Beetle probing is a seasonal occupation in the forestry industry that is a combination of surveying and pest control. It involves assessing which trees in a given area have […]

The Google Public Policy Blog reports that Google is asking the US government (among others) to consider pursuing a WTO complaint against China on a matter that seems to combine the good and the profitable: that censorship constitutes a barrier to trade for the information industry. Despite Google’s much-publicized agreement with China to co-operate in […]

In this lecture the man who invented the term “ecological footprint”, William Rees, rips apart the notion that any North American city could declare itself sustainable. Looking at Shanghai and Vancouver, it’s easy to think that there is a sharp difference in environmental practice is going on here: coal-generated electricity and overpopulation make Chinese cities […]